Recipes for homemade face masks, moisturizers, hair treatments, nail strengtheners, foot treatments and more.

Hair masks are great for improving condition but some of them can be very expensive. Why not try making your personal? The biggest advantage is that your mask do not possess any chemicals so it will truly help your hair.

Hair Mask

Hair Mask

The hair product industry has and always will have a strong presence on the planet. This is simply because hair is important to all of us, creating a part of our identity and image we’re continuously trying to maintain and improve.

Homemade Hair Mask

So many people are now looking towards homemade hair treatments to help with all of kinds of hair related problems, including dry and damaged hair, weak and brittle hair, and hair loss. A homemade hair mask is definitely an inexpensive and easy way to nourish your hair without exposing it to harmful chemicals or causing further damage.

Egg mask

Beat two full eggs with 2 tablespoons of water. Apply to clean, damp hair, massaging in well. Leave for 10 – 15 minutes and then wash by helping cover their mild shampoo.

Honey and Olive oil mask

Mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil with 2 tablespoons of honey. Apply to your hair and wrap your face in plastic film or placed on a shower hat. Leave not less than 30 minutes and then shampoo as usual, rinsing well.

Coconut cream mask

Soften a sizable chunk of coconut cream in your hands and massage into hair. Wrap your face in a warm towel and then leave it on for an hour. Wash by helping cover their a gentle shampoo.

Avocado hair mask

Mash the flesh of one ripe avocado. Add 1 tablespoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix until creamy and then apply to your hair. Leave for 25 minutes and then wash out with a light shampoo.

Olive oil hair mask

Whisk up 5 tablespoons of olive oil – it does not matter which sort – with 2 full eggs. Massage thoroughly to your hair and then cover it with plastic wrap or perhaps a shower hat. Your body heat can help the oil to penetrate. Leave for at least 30 minutes and then shampoo out, rinsing well.

Homemade Hair Mask

Homemade Hair Mask

Banana and almond mask for dry, damaged hair

Mash a ripe banana and give a few drops of almond oil. Mix well and massage to your hair. Leave for 15 – 30 minutes. Wash by helping cover their gentle shampoo.

Banana smoothie for hair – not for drinking!

Mix 1 mashed banana, 1 full egg, 3 tablespoons of honey, 3 tablespoons of milk and 5 tablespoons of olive oil. Make certain it’s well combined and then apply to hair. Leave for 15 – 30 minutes and wash by helping cover their a gentle shampoo.

Yogurt hair mask

Separate an egg and beat the white until it’s foamy. Mix with 6 tablespoons of natural yogurt. Massage in to the hair and leave for 15 – 30 minutes. Wash by helping cover their a very mild shampoo.

Milk and honey mask

Mix a tablespoon of honey in two a cup of full fat milk. Apply to your hair and then leave for 15 minutes. Wash by helping cover their a mild shampoo.