Rose water is a natural moisturizer that promotes hair growth and improves circulation of blood. It leaves the hair soft shining and smooth.

Rose water enhances blood circulation as well as promotes hair growth. It may be used as one conditioner as it revitalizes your hair growth. It provides one mild natural fragrance to your hair so that it is free from the other artificial fragrances. Rose water contains antibacterial properties which help decrease the dandruff percentage in your scalp and provides boost to the hair growth. In addition, the antiseptic property helps decrease inflammation problems in your scalp.

Though rose water is famous for its therapeutic benefits, it has always been associated with skin-care regimens. Rosewater however has huge potential and we would be underestimating its importance in the world of beauty if we restrict its scope to treatment of skin problems only. Did you know that it is possible for you to get beautiful hair growth effortlessly if you can manage to integrate rosewater in your regular hair-care programs.

Rose Water For Hair Care

Rose Water For Hair Care

Rose Water Benefits for hair care

Nourishes hair follicles

Using rose water for the last rinse after shampooing hair growth can help prevent hair loss and improve blood circulation within the scalp. Proper circulation delivers blood and nutrient supply towards the hair roots, thereby nourishing and strengthening the hair follicles, promoting healthier hair. Additionally, inflammation on the scalp can be treated with rosewater.

Promotes healthy hair

It nourishes and strengthens the hair roots which in turn and promotes a healthier growth of hair and prevents hair loss. The porosity from the hair growth will also stabilize using the application of rose water. The pH balance of rose water is nearer to that of the hair in optimal state; hence it really works to repair the hair’s porosity. This enables the hair to support the proper amount of moisture in, and in addition the cuticle becomes smooth.

Improves the hair condition

Rosewater moisturizes and conditions the hair follicles if used with shampoo regularly. Using rose water will make the hair look shinier, softer and healthier.

Rose Water

Rose Water


Home-made Shampoo with Rose Water

It can be used to prepare the shampoo by using rosewater, rum, eggs and vinegar. It is a perfect natural shampoo for oily hair growth. Prepare this shampoo by beating eggs in a bowl and adding rosewater and rum to it. Massage this paste on the scalp until the hair ends and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse with vinegar to remove the extra oil. It restores the natural shine for the hair growth.

Hair Re-growth

Rose water helps in hair re- growth. Take the rose water in the palm and apply on the hair and scalp with finger tips .This gives good results.

Dandruff Control

Rosewater is considered to be a very good Dandruff controlling technique. It not just helps with the dandruff but also with inflammation. It improves the health of hair growth, and scalp. Rosewater also makes hair strong. Another approach to prevent dandruff is mix rosewater with glycerin or fenugreek powder and apply it on the scalp. This will help you in preventing dandruff.