In this article, We will be listing out some of the easy and effective home remedies to treat fever blisters that appear on the lips. Read on to know more about it.

Cold sores or fever blisters are painful, burning irritants that are caused by the herpes simplex type 1 virus. They are typically seen on or around the mouth and take about 7 -10 days to heal. Fever blisters are contagious and generally caused by stress, lip injury, trauma to the skin, cosmetic surgery, hormonal changes, dental treatment, overexposure to sunlight, virus that can be easily spread through cuts or bruises on the skin, through indirect contact, like using a lip balm or sharing a towel / handkerchief, kissing, hugging or close contact with an infected person. You may observe symptoms like swollen lips, fever, itchiness, pain and irritation, headache, swelling of lymph nodes, small, red blisters filled with fluid. Here are some wonderful home remedies to get rid of fever blisters.

Causes of fever blisters on lips

Causes of fever blisters on lips

What Causes Fever Blisters?

  • Lip injury
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes
  • Dental treatment
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Hugging, kissing or close contact with people who having fever blisters
  • Even indirect contact with infected person – sharing kerchief, towel or lip balm

Home Remedies for Fever Blisters

Plum Juice

Plum juice is one of the best home remedies for fever blisters in the mouth. Rinse your mouth with some fresh plum juice. Plum juice is also effective in relieving the pain, Caused due to fever blisters. You can also apply it on the blisters using a cotton ball.

Apply Ice

Whenever you feel that tingling sensation or tenderness on your lips, instantly apply ice onto the area so that blisters don’t get worse. It is best to avoid using ice directly on your lips. Just wrap it inside a clean towel and press it until you could tolerate. Do this often in a day. Cold compress reduces fever blisters from your lips much faster and prevents it from occurring again.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an excellent anti-bacterial and good for almost all skin infections. Therefore, you can treat the fever blister with tea tree oil by diluting it properly with enough water, and then, apply it when the initial symptoms of fever blisters begin to surface. Tea tree oil will prevent the blister from worsening more.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera may not be so good at killing the virus that leads to a fever blister, but it is a great way to help expedite the healing process. Making sure that the skin doesn’t dry out too much, leading to cracking, and bleeding, applying aloe vera to a fever blister will help. While the fever blister is in the process of healing aloe vera will prevent it from taking longer to get rid of or from becoming infected.

Salt & Toothpaste

Mixture of toothpaste and salt is the best remedy to overcome fever blisters. Salt draws out moisture from the blister whilst toothpaste locks the salt in position. When you go to bed, clean the fever blister using alcohol and then apply a mixture of toothpaste and salt evenly. Rinse off the paste next morning. Surely, you’ll notice a big difference.

Aloe Vera for Fever Blisters

Aloe Vera for Fever Blisters

Egg & Yogurt

Yogurt and egg heals fever blister to a great extent. Prepare a pack by mixing 1 cup of yogurt & 1 egg with few drops of honey. Apply this on the blisters and leave if for a while before rinsing.

Hydrogen Peroxide

If your fever blister has become infected, this natural disinfectant will kill the bacteria responsible for infection. Sometimes, it is hard to heal your fever blister, as the herpes virus lives well in a warm, moist environment.