There are many homemade beauty treatments for the skin and hair. Given below are some of the best ones that are very effective.

Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

Beauty is a huge topic liked by everyone who wants to look smart, younger and attractive. Whether you are a male or a female and reading homemade beauty tips, Tricks and Secrets; it’s for a reason. Every girl and every woman is beauty conscious whichever age group she belongs to. They simply want to look the most beautiful and the most perfect in the world. The homemade beauty tips, tricks and secrets aren’t too much difficult or expensive; they’re most of the times very simple and easy if someone is willing to do them on regular basis.

Taking care of the skin is extremely important, because, with the rising pollution and stress levels, it loses its suppleness and elasticity, and ages faster. Although a lot of skin-care and beauty products are available in the market, you are able to supplement them by using some good, HOMEMADE BEAUTY TREATMENTS.

Avocado Mask For Hair

This can be a good natural conditioner for revitalizing dull and damaged hair. Mash a ripe avocado inside a bowl, and add two tablespoons of additional virgin olive oil to it. Combine it well, and apply it to hair after shampooing, while the hair continues to be wet. Then, wrap a wet towel that has been soaked in hot water, on your head. Take away the towel after 15 to 20 minutes, and wash your hair with lukewarm water. It is shiny and soft, instantly.

Rose Water Toner

You will find a bottle of pure rose water in the baking aisle of most grocery stores. Pour an ounce or two in a small bottle of spray and you have a hydrating, toning facial mist. Use it among your facial cleanser and moisturizer. You can also spritz rose water over your makeup for any dewy finish.


Honey acts as a great moisturizer. Apply raw honey directly on the face and keeping for about an hour or so will give you a soothing and smooth skin following the wash. It will also make your skin glow.

Potato And Cucumber Mask

This mask helps get rid of dark under-eye circles and puffiness. To make it, you need to first peel a potato and cucumber, and grate them. Then, mix them together. Lay down, and apply the grated potato and cucumber mixture underneath the eyes. Leave it on for 10 to 12 minutes, after which wash your face with cold water. It will help to fade the under eye circles, and will also reduce puffiness.

Banana And Honey Mask

This can be a good moisturizing mask for dry and flaky skin. Mash a ripe banana, and add 2 to 3 tablespoons of organic honey to it. Combine this mixture well, and apply everything over your face and neck. Leave it on for 8 to 10 minutes, and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Both honey and banana have hydrating and nourishing properties that moisturize the skin, making it smooth and soft. Regular use of the mask will help to keep your skin supple and nourished, as well as maintain its elasticity.


Almond paste is extremely effective to treat dull skin. Firstly you need to soak a few almonds in a container and then leave it overnight. The next morning peel the outer brown layer of the almonds after which paste them along with two tablespoons of milk. Apply this on your face and allow it to dry for half an hour.

Mint Face Pack

Mint face pack is definitely a effective and beneficial beauty product that can be made at home effortlessly. Mint has a soothing, cooling and cleansing effect which makes it perfectly suitable for most skin types. The after effect of a mint face pack is a soft, supple, clear and blemishes free skin. The cleansing

Homemade Milk bath

After exfoliating, treat you to ultimately a softening milk bath. Add two glasses of milk to bath water. Swirl in honey, essential oils, oat powder, dried rose petals, or another type you would like to make your homemade beauty treatment as luxurious as you would like.

Lemon And Sugar Scrub

Lemon And Sugar Scrub

Lemon And Sugar Scrub

To keep the skin of your hands smooth and wrinkle-free, you are able to use a natural exfoliator like this lemon and sugar scrub. In a small bowl, take two to three tablespoons of granulated sugar and add some juice of one lemon into it. Mix this concoction together, and apply it liberally over your hands. Massage it to the skin in a gentle, circular motion, before the sugar granules start to dissolve. After a few minutes, wash your hands with cold water. You are able to use this natural scrub on rough areas such as the elbows and knees. The sugar granules helps in removing dead skin cells, and also the lemon helps lighten the skin tone.