Apple contains elements which help remove skin dead cells and make skin fairer.

Apple is a magic fruit with loads of vitamin A & vitamin C and traces of other vitamins and nutrients too in every piece. It helps to maintain a glowing skin as well as a healthy body. It is also well said that an apple a day keeps a doctor away.

Homemade Fruit Face Mask

Homemade Fruit Face Mask

Apple contains elements which help remove skin dead cells and make skin fairer. It can help remove blemishes. It is very effective for pimple removal. Apple pulp when applied on skin can maintain skin PH and help get over dangerous skin infections.

Both vitamin A & C found in good quantities in apples are very good for skin health. They repair the damaged skin cells and remove dead ones. Vitamin C is very good for skin lightening. It’s used in many skin lightening creams. As apple has vitamin C so it’s very good to use apple mask for fair and smooth skin.

Apple pulp mask

Take one apple, apply its pulp on skin for 20 minutes and wash. After washing apply moisturizer. This mask is very useful for combination skin.

Boiled apple mask

Boil apple slices in water and make pulp. Let it cool then apply for 20 minutes. This will help bring glow on your face and make your skin fair and smooth. This mask is also good for the dry skin.

Apple and honey mask

Take mashed apple pulp and mix 1 tbsp honey & starch. Apply on face for 20 minutes. This mask will bring youthful glow on your face just in a week. This mask has been very effective in the case of oily skin types.

Apple seeds mask

Apple seeds are rich source of Vitamin E. Apple seeds and honey mixed together make superb mask for acne. Use this for 10 minutes daily.

Apple and cucumber

Mix the grated apple and cucumber with half table spoon of vinegar and mint green paper. Add half lemon to it with 10 drops of rose oil to give a texture and aroma. Apply this mask on your face with tired skin.

Apple Face Mask

Apple Face Mask

Mask for acne

When apple is mixed with the ten drops each of camphor and almond oils and some honey is also added to this then what we get is a mixture ready to be applied. This face mask when used on the skin will make it acne free.

Apple mask for tightening the sluggish neck and chest skin

When apple is mixed with honey and left on the skin for half an hour while repeating this therapy for 3 times in a week. In the fourth week you will see the results showing.


Apples have a very cool­ing, slightly exfo­li­at­ing effect on our skin due to the mild acids in the fruit. When applied to the skin, apples bring cir­cu­la­tion and nour­ish­ment to the skin. Honey is antibac­te­r­ial, a pow­er­ful humec­tant, and very soothing. Applying apple with honey creates a magical transformation of your facial skin within weeks and that too without causing any side effects on your skin as there are no chemicals to do this. As you must have seen with the recipes mentioned above that apple when mixed with different ingredients helps your skin to become much better in outlook and feel. Therefore apple is best for the skin and health.