The healthy life style is the best way to keep your skin young, glowing and beautiful.

Everyone of us desire for a soft and glowing skin. Chemicals present in cosmetics can harm and irritate your skin. So, why don’t you go for a natural skin care instead. Lets return to nature and its basics for a glowing skin. However, ayurvedic herbs have well-known remedy for fair complexion and curing of pimples, acne, blemishes etc. Herbs combat pimples alleviate scabies and ringworm, cure blemishes, patches and brackishness.

Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin

Just like they spice and flavor our food, nourish the body and help us heal, herbs really are a natural beauty ally that can give you shinier, healthier hair and glowing, moisturized skin. Long utilized in Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions for beauty applications, herbs like turmeric and evening primrose really are a chemical-free, natural way to look your best.

There are several herbs that are widely used in cosmetic products. So, don’t forget compromise on sensitivity and follow herbal skin care regime to maintain your skin healthy in the natural way.


A pretty, lush plant which will thrive in the smallest kitchen garden. Its stems leaving can be used in home-made recipes for toilet waters and lightweight fragrances.


Turmeric has been used by people since ages because of its beauty and health benefits. It not only makes your skin smooth and soft but also improves complexion. Turmeric paste can also be used on wounds as it has healing properties.


The aromatic seeds have mildly antibacterial properties and could be used to freshen the breath. The essential oil may be used in massages – but don’t utilize it if you have a rash.


The fine-textured oil, produced from apricot kernels, is a very good all-purpose body moisturiser, assisting to erase stretch marks. It can also be used like a facial anti-wrinkle treatment.


It is one of the best of natural skin care herbs ideal for every skin type. It accelerates the recovery process of the skin with the help of an element present inside it called alpha-bisabolol. Applying chamomile around the skin reduces fine wrinkles. It has anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties.


Steep the dried leaves of the herb in hot water, then cool and strain before while using tea as a fresh-smelling bath fragrance.


Extensively employed for aroma therapy treatments, this herb has powerful astringent qualities. This effective herb gets dry the excessive oil on skin and cures pimples. Lemongrass also offers anti-bacterial and antiseptic qualities; ingredients to obtain glowing skin naturally.

Herbs For A Glowing Skin

Herbs For A Glowing Skin


Strain and cool an infusion of calendula leaves to create an effective skin toner. It can also be used like a hair rinse, as it is particularly good in highlighting tints in brown and reddish hair.


A good highlighter for fair hair, it’s also effective in soothing tired eyes and chapped or dry skin. It can make a gentle skin toner and can be integrated into a variety of bath treatments and face masks.


Make use of a cooled infusion to soothe blemishes or fresh juice in the plant to treat various skin conditions, including pimples.


Chives have a superior sulphur and iron content, therefore the juice makes an excellent skin tonic and cleanser when dabbed to the skin.