Natural remedies and skin care are not only economical and fun, you can avoid chemicals and preservatives that can be irritating or harmful to your skin!

Soft Clear Skin

Soft Clear Skin

Natural remedies for skin care can leave you clear, soft, and hydrated! Will you have gone through many medicines and qualified treatments that thrown an understanding of bliss for some time but shuttled to the own skin and few got the glittering skin which has remained for just some days.

Natural remedies and skin care are not only economical and fun, you are able to avoid chemicals and preservatives that can be irritating or bad for your skin!

Homemade beauty products are simple and quick to create even moreso if you already have the components in the pantry. Keep your kitchen stocked using these essentials to whip up on the location masks, cleansers, and lotions without a trip to the store.


Prepare the walnut paste from four to five walnuts and apply around the nose and chin areas to get rid of the flaky dead skin. It works extraordinary in taking out the dead skin, that most of the cleansing products can’t do.


People were doing with those milk and honey baths: the bees’ sweet stuff is really a natural humectant, so it’s made to hold moisture. For any simple skin lotion, mix one teaspoon honey, one teaspoon vegetable oil, and ¼ teaspoon lemon juice, rub on dry skin, and rinse off after ten minutes.


To stop the damaged skin area you can test the mint juice. Mint contains anti-inflammatory ingredient which helps in reacting using the irritated skin and to make it smooth and clear.


Almonds would be the powerhouses of proteins, Use the almond oil and powdered almonds. Put it on your face and neck. Leave it for Fifteen minutes and rinse off with water.


There are lots of infections that might appear in the skin because of the pollution and other environmental problems. To clean them out mix the garlic paste with water and rinse off the face.


Drink the adequate water on each and every day to flee from the dehydration problem. If your skin is dehydrated it automatically results in the dry skin and eventually makes the skin to look over the age of the existing.


Papaya consists of vitamin C and papain enzyme which protect the skin in the damaging and also in removing the flaky dead skin. It provides the internal and external benefits to the skin. So, if you wish to apply in direct just dab it towards the skin by making it paste or consume it by looking into making a drink or making pieces.

Olive Oil

The vitamin E and antioxidants in olive oil allow it to be another great moisturizing option: try soaking your nails inside a cup for a shiny, at-home manicure; put it on your hair, leave on half an hour, after which shampoo for gleaming locks; or rub it onto hands and feet for soft skin.


Use turmeric together with milk and prepare a face mask. This helps in fighting with blemishes and problems by pigmentation around the skin.

Rice flour

The one who strives to bounce towards the natural wrinkle free skin can do this, Apply rice flour along with warm milk to your wrinkles. Wash it when it’s dried.


The very natural coconut presents you a great to way tackle the pimple scars or chicken pox spots. Apply or consume the coconut water to obtain the solution.


Fenugreek is having anti-inflammatory property along with a pack made out of ground fenugreek leaves, turmeric and milk will require care about the blackhead affected skin.

Natural Kitchen Ingredients for Skin Care

Natural Kitchen Ingredients for Skin Care


Cucumber paste is an easy made mask to decrease the wrinkles of aging of the skin.


Paste the neem leaves and add enough amount of curd into it. Apply it over the face and scrub around the pimple areas to get rid from the zits.