You can really help clear up your skin if you use some of the remedies on a regular basis. Some of the remedies are more effective on acne.

Natural Acne Treatment

Natural Acne Treatment

Acne is a sign of unhealthy skin. Acne is a skin condition which can make women distressed and worried. Once an acne scar is formed, you have to struggle for a long time to eliminate it. There are different ways to help treat acne problems. Home remedies are the best option for treating acne. Natural home remedies are a safe and easy method to treat acne. Some natural remedies will treat specific aspects of your acne condition while some work as an all-around preventative for future years.

Natural remedies for acne might help prevent future acne from developing while treating existing acne. Try probably the most common home remedies for acne scars, many of which do not require any mixing at all: An acne problem is no problem, so long as you know wise acne skincare tips. You must choose your acne remedy carefully. Here are some home remedies for acne care :


Take some cucumbers, mash into a pulp, then combine with some milk. Use like a face wash several times each day (you can refrigerate any extra). This can help to sooth your face and cut down on your facial oil levels. Cucumbers have been around for a while now as a general facial home cure – many people use them in lowering wrinkles.


Scare away acne in addition to vampires with this garlic remedy. The smell is really not too bad. Garlic is guaranteed as it has powerful antimicrobial properties that you could utilize against bacteria. Have a clove of garlic and mash it up. Spread the past over problem areas as a spot treatment. Repeat many times a day. Note, only placed on problem areas as garlic can sting should you place it on open wounds.


Help treat your acne-prone skin with this particular sweet home remedy. Honey has some very effective antimicrobial properties and it’s soothing for the skin. What you can do is take teaspoon of honey and rub it on your face before going to bed. Allow it to dry.. Wash it off in the morning with lukewarm water.


This can be a common ingredient in many moisturizers due to how soothing it is for that skin, although it usually isn’t enough alone to eliminate acne scars. Mix it with sour cream, yogurt, and lemon juice for a mask that will work wonders.

Tomato Pulp

This vegetable is also rich in Vitamin A, C and K that is known to be found in most over the counter acne creams. Slice open a tomato, and liberally scrub it in your face. Alternatively, you can also mash in the tomato and apply it as a face pack and repeat for some weeks till you see the difference.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice with rose water can provide benefits magical cure acne. Apply juice 2 tablespoons. of lemon 2 tbsp. tablespoons rose water on the face and rinse after 20-25 minutes. This application also offers the effect of alleviating skin imperfections.

Natural Acne Treatment

Natural Acne Treatment


Powder of sandalwood combined with rose water or unboiled milk when applied directly within the pimples can show drastic improvement inside a few hours. It also helps in reducing the soreness of the pimples.

Rosewater Cleansing

Lemon juice mixed with rosewater forms an excellent cleansing agent that may be applied with a cotton ball all around the face to arrest the growth and spread of pimples and zits.