Mayonnaise is rich and healthy sauce used for different purposes. Mayonnaise is a traditional, natural treatment for hair.

Benefits of Mayonnaise

Benefits of Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a traditional, natural treatment for hair. It’s the most common food used to restore moisture and shine to your locks. The benefits of mayonnaise like a hair treatment is that it helps condition the hair strands and protects it in the heat of the sun, the wind and all sorts of of the accumulated chemicals and alcohol from styling products and hair-sprays. These often dry out the hair and mayonnaise helps repair that damage.

It is a natural and traditional treatment for dandruffs and dry hair. It’s easily accessible and it can restore shine and moisture to your hair. Why mayonnaise is very popular for hair applications happens because it has three essential ingredients that include oil, eggs and vinegar.

For those who have dry, brittle hair mayonnaise is great for a deep treatment as it is essentially a high protein hair mask. The mayo offers moisture with the natural oils and moisture in it, if left on hair for fifteen minutes and rinses thoroughly, you ought to be left with well hydrated hair.


You are able to use your homemade mayonnaise treatment to not only add moisture but additionally smooth your hair temporarily. Sufficient moisture from the mayonnaise treatment is going to making your hair more manageable, that will reduce frizz. Begin by gently combing one tablespoon of mayonnaise into that hair while making certain all hair strands are covered. Leave the applying on your head for about an hour after which rinse it off using a gentle baby shampoo.

Treats dry hair

You are able to apply homemade mayonnaise treatment to dry hair. For much better outcomes, you can combine mayonnaise along with honey. Comb the mixture throughout your hair towards your hair roots. Cover your hair utilizing a plastic wrap or a shower cap and then leave for 30 minutes. Rinse well afterwards after which delight in your improved look. Use this mix once each week if you have damaged or dry hair.


Choosing a homemade recipe for hair care enables you to save lots of money. This is because you’ll essentially be making using of cheap supplies that you already have in your refrigerator and pantry. Furthermore, using mayonnaise allows you to fully pamper yourself and use excess without having to worry about the cost. Most people declare that mayonnaise even works far better in contrast with other commercially made hair products.

How to Grow Hair With Mayonnaise

Step 1

Put on an old smock or shirt you don’t mind getting stained, or simply use the treatment while standing in the shower.

Step 2

Work a cup full of mayonnaise throughout your hair, starting from the scalp and massaging outward towards the roots. Pull the mayonnaise downward with your fingers within the hair strands to ensure that they are coated, and massage mayonnaise in to the ends of your hair–usually the most damaged part.

Step 3

Arrange the hair on top of your head in a pile. Twist cellophane wrap, tightly and securely around your head, ensuring all your hair is covered, and then wrap your head inside a warm towel.

Step 4

Permit the treatment to stay on your hair for 20 minutes, changing towels if necessary to keep warmth radiating right through to your hair.

Mayonnaise as a Hair Care

Mayonnaise as a Hair Care

Step 5

Remove the towel and also the cellophane, and rinse the mayonnaise from your hair. Shampoo having a gentle, moisturizing brand shampoo that you have used previously with good results.

Step 6

Repeat the treatment monthly if you have normal hair, and weekly if your hair is extremely damaged. By protecting the ends and avoiding breakage, and fortifying your hair with L-cysteine, you ought to be able to grow your hair substantially longer with the aid of this mayonnaise treatment.