Lemon juice can be a great choice to help alleviate some of the most common issues associated with poor hair health.

Hair Care

Hair Care

Many people who are growing their hair out or are afflicted by dry, damaged hair look for natural remedies that they can use lemons to assist improve the health of their follicles. Lemon juice will lighten your hair gradually; even if your roots grow out, they’ll just add depth towards the new color instead of looking unnatural. And when you want to try dying your kids’ hair, a natural ingredient like lemon juice may be the way to go.

Basically, lemon is a great natural bleach, also it can bleach your hair ever so slightly so it looks totally natural. Whether you’re just looking for some highlights while you’re chilling out in the sun, or want to lighten your overall color, lemon is a superb, easy, natural way. Even better, it’s super cheap.

How To Apply Lemon Juice To Your Hair

You may either spritz your hair all over with lemon juice, or rub a cut lemon over separate strands to produce a highlight effect. After spending some amount of time in the sun (with sun screen on the rest of you), you can achieve subtle lightening after a few consecutive days of using lemon juice in your hair.

The greater common way to apply lemon juice to your hair is by diluting fresh lemon juice or lemon juice purchase from the store into an bottle of spray. Approximately ¼ cup of lemon juice can be coupled with ¾ cup of water. Spray the mixed lemon juice around the areas you would wish to lighten. Once you have done so, expose your hair to direct outside sunlight for about an hour.

Lemon Juice For Hair

Lemon juice has long been advised being an ingredient that helps to maintain your hair. Many who are opting to use more natural shampooing routines or those who are eliminating artificial hair care products using their routine all together are using lemon juice in their new hair care routine to maximize their hair and scalp health.

Makes Your Hair Shiny & Smooth

The citric acid within the lemon is a natural chelating agent. It helps to get rid of buildup from hair care products, which can dull hair and weigh it down. And if you have harder water it will get rid of limescale, and then leave your hair silky and smooth. Plus the acidity within the lemon flatten the cuticles (outer layer of hair), offering shine and eliminating frizz.

Aiding Growth

The length and strength of hair are a couple of important aspects women worry about. Lemon juice comes handy with this as well. A generous scalp massage with lemon juice combined with coconut oil or olive oil proves being an effective stimulus for hair growth. It also can serve as an effective remedy for hair loss, while the vitamin C present in lemon juice helps to impart strength.

Helps Oily, Limp Hair

Lemon is really a cheap and effective answer to your oily hair worries. The astringent and toning aftereffect of lemon balances your scalp’s natural oil production, and remove any excess oil which can be causing your hair to feel heavy. Lemon juice also works to revive scalp’s pH balance, and adds body and sheen to your hair.

Dealing By Having An Oily Scalp

A lemon juice rinse also helps to cope with oily hair and scalp. The citric acid present in lemon juice helps to get rid of the excess buildup of oil, and also helps to get rid of the dead cells of scalp. A combination of lemon juice and vinegar in equal amounts helps with the removal of clogged follicles that provide rise to an oily scalp.


Lemon juice provides a natural acidic rinse, and helps to offer the perfect shiny and shimmery look you long for. You can simply rinse your hair with lemon juice diluted having a cup water. Another alternative is to prepare a mixture containing equal levels of lemon juice and any conditioner that suits your hair type. Apply this mix on the hair and leave for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry to get soft and shiny hair.

Keeps Your Scalp Healthy & Dandruff-free

For those who have a flaky scalp lemon can come to your rescue. Lemon contains alpha hydroxy acids which exfoliate dead cells, and keep your scalp clean and flake-free. Plus lemon also has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect which soothe irritation which help with dandruff.

Lemon Juice For Hair

Lemon Juice For Hair

Getting Rid Of Lice

A mixture of lemon juice with garlic paste or almond paste gives an effective choice to get rid of lice. Apply this mixture and wash your hair clean after 30 minutes. Such a treatment followed by thorough combing helps in lice removal. Lemon juice might not kill the adult lice, but the citric acid component helps to loosen the attachment of nits from hair, which in turn helps in their removal through combing.